Statue of Liberty Book

Read Statue of Liberty Book to know more about the national symbol of America. There are three books given here.

"The Story of the Statue of Liberty" is authored by Betsy Maestro and illustrated by Giulio Maestro. The customers who bought this book gives very good review of this book. Read the reviews and buy the book.

"Lady Liberty: A Biography". The author of this book is Doreen Rappaport and the illustrator is Matt Tavares. This book too has got good reviews from the customers who bought it. It is an excellent historical children's book. Read the reviews and buy the book for your children to learn more about Lady Liberty.

"Enlightening the World" is written by Yasmin Sabina Khan The author presents this book in a beautiful way. Read the Reviews and buy the book for your children who would enjoy reading such books and enrich their knowledge.

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