How to Pass Your Time During
A Long Distant Travel 

When you embark on a long distant travel, in the beginning it is all fun because of the excitement of reaching your destination. But soon you find yourself in a less comfortable zone, and vanishing your excitement. 

You start looking at your watch and see how much time you have travelled, how many miles you have covered and how long more to go etc which ultimately leads into a boring state of mind. You can try to find some ways to make your journey interesting and comfy on the board.

I find the following methods useful to kill my time on such a journey.

1. By reading an interesting book during the journey your main attention will be in the story and you tend to ignore the long distance you are travelling. If you have a book with you at home and kept it unread for lack of time, take it along with you in your journey and enjoy reading it.

2. If you are a nature lover you don't need anything else. You can just concentrate on the beautiful scenery you pass through. Observe the roads, the trees, the people, the buildings, the shops, the bridges, the lakes, the sky, or anything that you pass through. If you can enjoy those scenery it is a fantastic time passing during a long distant travel.

3. If you are in a new country remember to keep a pen and notebook with you. You can jot down the names of roads you pass through. If you are a writer these road names may come handy to you while writing an article or a story about that country. When you take and read your notebook at a later date, you will be immensely surprised to see how you are enjoying reading those names visualising being there again.

4. Take your MP3 player along with you so that you can listen to your favorite music when you get bored.

5. Participate in an indoor game in the bus or in the train, whichever is your mode of travel. Many of your co-travelers whether they are your own family members or friends would be happy to participate in that game. Even the total strangers who are traveling with you might join you. Without your knowledge you would have covered a long distance during that time.

6. If you love writing, jot down the random thoughts and ideas that just come to your mind as you travel. They will be very helpful later when you are in a mood to write down stories for your regular assignments or for freelancing. These ideas may even help you when you are faced with writer's block. When you are busy with your regular activities you seldom get time to pamper yourself in such thoughts.

7. Another great idea is carry a book of crosswords and puzzles. You will have lot of time in your journey to solve them and thus you won't know how fast the time passes.

8. If you are a good conversationist and are lucky to find a good friend next to you, try to engage in healthy conversation with the other person if she or he too enjoys it. In case that person doesn't encourage you don't try any tricks, instead just stop it there.

In one of my travels, I had a a great time with the lady who was in my next seat, talking about each other's culture and hobbies. Both of us didn't realise how fast the time had passed and became great friends by the time our travel came to an end.

9. If you don't have anything interesting to do, or you're too tired, just spend time in sleeping.

10. If you are carrying a mobile phone with you spending time with your beloved ones and friends on chatting, will be a great way to use your extra time. But don't forget that this talking activity will be an expensive affair for many.

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