Crosby Beach, UK

Crosby Beach is a picturesque, non-bathing beach near Southport. It is part of the Merseyside coastline at Crosby north of Liverpool in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, England. The beach is near Liverpool .

The main attractions of this beach are the iron men. The Another Placesculptures by Antony Gormley are found here. 

Various statues of the iron men, about 100 in number, stare out towards Wirral and the Welsch Hills in the Irish Sea, scattered in 3 kms distance. These statues are creation of the internationally acclaimed artist Antony Garmley, based on moulds taken from his own body. He was also the Turner Prize winning artist in 1994 for his work Field for the British Isles.

Crosby was home to Captain Smith of Titanic. The Beach here is a picturesque, non-bathing beach, with areas of soft sand and mud and a risk of changing tides.

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The Tree Blue Restaurant , with a welcoming ambiance, is a great place to eat.

Royal Hotel reviewed by TripAdvisor. It is a popular hotel in Liverpool and staying here can easily access the beach.

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