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France Tourism - During one of my visits to UK, I  had an opportunity to visit  the beautiful land of France to see some of the attractions in this amazing country.  Since I had already procured my Schengen Visa immediately after obtaining my UK visa, as advised by my children,  there was no problem for them  to take me with them to France. 

We drove upto Dover port by car, and then took a cruise to Calais, which took about one and a half hours.  We had already booked a holiday camp with Eurocamp for the Easter holidays for a long weekend and the cruise charge was also included in it. 

We left our car in Calais and then took a taxi from there to go around in France.  Since France was one of the left side driving countries it took a while to feel confident to drive around France. Since it was a very good taxi there was absolutely no problem in driving around. 

Eurocamp Package - France Tourism

We were provided with a fabulous holiday home which was with two bed rooms and a  well equipped kitchen. There was no need for us to buy anything for our stay since everything was included in the welcome kit.  They had a restaurant, swimming pools, facilities for outdoor activities, etc. Shopping malls were also nearby.  Though everything was easily available and we found one problem - language. Hardly anyone spoke English.  Everywhere we had to express it in various ways to get across our message, which was of course fun. 

You can learn more about Eurocamp here. 

Staying there we were able to go around to see some  tourism related places.    Since it was still cold we avoided beaches and chose to see some less crowded places. We also  avoided crowded cities like Paris, and headed to see some historical monuments.  We went out two days to explore these and enjoyed great French cuisine. 

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