London Big Ben

London Big Ben is one of the most popular attractions in England. Visitors to London usually wouldn't miss this attraction. 

Standing majestically in the heart of the city, Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock of the Clock Tower at the north end of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster in London, on the banks of River Thames. The building is also known as the Palace of Westminster.

This huge tower is one of the most popular landmarks of London, and also referred as the world's largest four-faced chiming clock. This massive bell weighs more than 13 tons, and the tower is 316 feet high with 11 floors.

The official name of the Clock Tower bell is Great Bell, which is now more known as London Big Ben. A visit to this iconic place is a truly memorable experience for any one.

Since its inception, in 1859, it has served as the most reliable clock in London and also been a part of celebrations all year around.

On a Sunday mid morning we had set out to Piccadilly Circus, located in the heart of the city, where we had planned to meet two of our friends with their families, and go for sightseeing. After walking around some time in that area and clicking photos of the place in various angles we had our lunch in an Italian restaurant in Piccadilly Circle. Most of us preferred pizza topped with healthy toppings, and others ordered for pasta. We enjoyed the food and felt that the price was just reasonable.

Touring the streets by walk near
London Big Ben

Since we had small kids with us we changed our idea of bus touring, and opted to walk down to see the places. Admiring many historic buildings and the moving vehicles we walked along with the tourist crowd, and stopped wherever we felt. When the kids saw some colorful elephant statues meant for entertainment on the way they too wanted to spend some time there. We saw a girl displayed her artistic skill on the road through her beautiful painting. After relishing a chocolate ice cream on the way we continued our walk leisurely watching the London tourist bus and other vehicles passing on the road, along with the other tourists. We reached Downing Street, and saw the building No.10, Downing Street, the official residence of the Prime Minister in Whitehall, the area on the edge of the grounds of Buckingham Palace. We passed through some important sites such as Horse Guards, Women of World War II Memorial and Banqueting House. The Cenotaph has been a site of the Memorial service for the past several years. We stopped on each of these places for few minutes.

The Cenotaph

We walked toward the banks of Thames and stared at the Big Ben and all other magnificent buildings for some time, before our return. 

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