London Tourist Attractions

London Tourist Attractions - I had the good fortune to see some of the popular  Tourist Attractions of London when my children invited me to be with them for some time.  London is one of the globally renowned tourist destinations, steeped in history and there are many types of tours available for the visitors for the sightseeing. Some of the tours available are  Cruises, Cultural tours, Walking tours, various types of Shows, Concerts and Sports and many more. One can visit London in any season. 

London bridge

It mainly depends upon the time available to you and your interests. You can see London in a day or in weeks or in months. Since I was on a family visit and stayed there with my children for six months during my first visit they took me to see many of the important tourist places in London. Some of them I revisited during my subsequent visits too.    

Tower of London

If you are short of time and want to see as much as possible in a single day you can opt for the One Day Tour. An expert guide will take you to all the must see places and explain the history of the places. The major tourist destinations of London will be included in this tour.  There are also many free places you can visit such as parks, museums, riverside etc. Some parks and museums are paid visits and some are free.  

Half-day tours are also available, if you don't have a full day for sightseeing. 

Many people explore this magical city on city walk tours.  Many of these London attractions are time honoured landmarks of London. If you are visiting London for shopping purpose, you will not be disappointed since it is a haven for the shopaholics.  For foodies, London offers several types of food and you can find your favourite food in many of the restaurants. 

London City Map

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Some of the Most Popular
London Tourist Attractions


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