London UK Weather

London UK Weather often changes, mainly rains and fog. Rain can happen at any time of the year. It may come sometimes without any warning, either as a drizzling, or prolonged light rain lasting a whole day and sometimes longer.

Forecast For London England

Spring is the best time to travel in London, if you have a choice. London Parks and Gardens will be in full bloom as also the trees on the roadside. It can be a pleasure to travel in London during this time when the weather in London is considerably at its best. You can find the people out for shopping in all their cheerful moods, restaurants full, parks filled with different colors of beautiful flowers and people of all ages roaming around enjoying the scenery, senior citizens enjoying in a relaxed mood, and kids playing to their heart's content.

Summer can be very hot, but still discovering the city during summer is a nice experience. The parks and gardens are the best to visit during this time. Still it is better to check the climate in London England before starting your travel.

Autumn is also good time to travel in London. The leaves of the trees turn into red and golden colour during this time. Every day before planning your travel it is better to check the climate in London England.

Winter is good for the people who love cold. One has to travel in warm clothes and scarves to explore London. But there is a lot to see during this time, especially during Christmas time and New Year. In spite of the cold London weather, people go out to see the beautiful London at night and to make use of the discounts offered by various shopping centers.

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