London with Children

London with Children - You can see and do several things in London with your children which will make them enjoyable and worth their visit there. Many child-friendly venues are there. There are plenty of things for you to choose from which include free and paid visits. Don't forget to carry your camera with you to click several photos which will be useful later or you can see them again.

London for kids
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Things to Do in London with Children

1. A trip in the open double decker bus will be a great fun for London for kids - It will be a great entertainment for the children to travel in the double decker bus to see the many historical attractions, which they have only seen in the television or in movies.

2. A visit to some of the best museums like British Museum there. It will be fun as well as educative for them. If the kids are looking for more fun, take them to Museum of London Docklands.

3. A visit to London Dungeon - Children would love to hear the horror stories of London Dungeon with its 2,000 years of London's gruesome history.

4. A visit to London Zoo - London Zoo is an excellent family day out for all the ages. Along with the children, the elders too can enjoy the exotic animals like giraffe, zebras, tigers, gorilla etc. There are lots of events every day at the Zoo like Penguin feeding, watching the animals in action etc. It is great place to visit London with kids.

5. A visit to Trafalgar Square traveling through London Tube. After spending some time there take them to the close by National Gallery, which houses one of the finest collections of Western European paintings in the world from around 1250 onwards.. Trafalgar Square is both a tourist attraction and the main focus for political demonstrations.

6. Annual Events in London for children - It depends upon which month you are visiting London with children. Each month there is some special events held there. In December you can see Christmas Fun, in January New Year Parade, in February Pan cake day races etc.

7. Shopping - Children love shopping. Take them to any of the toy paradises. Hamleys Toy Store is famous for shopping for kids. It is located in the Regent Street. Other shopping for kids would be sweet shops like Hope and Greenwood. For the latest comics and graphic novels, visit Forbidden planet.

8. A boat trip on the Thames River - It will be a great experience for the kids as well as for the parents to have a boat trip to see various London attractions including Big Ben, London Tower, London Bridge , etc.

9. A visit to any of the Theme Parks - Visiting a theme park will be a great way of enjoyment in London with kids. They can enjoy thrilling and adventurous rides and various water sports.

10. A visit to Westfield - You can do various types of shopping here and the kids with or without family can enjoy skating too.

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