Top Free Museums in London

There are several museums in London where you can visit for free. Occasionally they charge for special exhibits, but main exhibits are always free. So when you are in London don't forget to visit at least some of these free London museums.

  • The Natural History Museum - There are interactive exhibitions, world famous collections of dinosaurs, volcanoes, giant whales, and creepy crawlies make this one of the most highly renowned and best loved museum. 30 permanent galleries are there covering history and architecture and earth's ecology.
  • Science Museum - Founded in 1857 with objects shown at the Great Exhibition held in the Crystal Palace, today this museum is home to one of the world's most magnificent collections of science, industry, technology and medicine, this is one of London's most hands on and interactive museums. There are hundreds of thousands of objects ranging from aircraft to microchips.
  • The British Museum - Founded about 250 years ago, this museum houses a vast collection of ancient artifacts from around the world, including Egyptian mummies. Famous objects include the Rosetta Stone and sculptures from the Parthenon.
  • British Library - Houses Magna Carta, the Gutenberg Bible, Shakespeare’s First Folio, the LindisfarneGospels, and a range of illuminated and literary manuscripts.
  • The Victoria & Albert Museum - V & A Museum is a major museum of art and design. It is home to one million programs, playbills, puppets, photographs and props. The exhibits include ceramics, fashion jewelery and accessories, furniture, glass, metal works, paintings and drawings, photography, sculpture etc.
  • The National Maritime Museum - The National Maritime Museum consists of three sites - the Maritime Galleries, the Royal Observatory and the Queen's House. They together house the most important collection of objects relating to Britain at sea, time and the stars and their relationship with people, Sir Christopher Wren’s magnificent museum of time and space, and the grand, neoclassical home of King Charles I.
  • The Imperial War Museum - Founded in 1917, this national museum exhibits 20th century conflict, especially involving those involving Britain and the Commonwealth, from the First World War to the present day, which includes a fascinating display of the vehicles and weapons of war.
  • The Museum of London - Over 1.1 million objects, documenting the growth of London from the prehistoric to the present day, make this the world’s largest urban history museum. This includes 4 main time periods- London before London, Roman London, Medieval London and Early Stuart London. There are also Community exhibitions, and major exhibitions for, the Great Fire, the Plague and the Blitz, and frequent Special Exhibitions.This is one of the popularly visited museums in London.
  • The above is only a partial list of free London Museums.


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