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Insider's Guide to Myrtle Beach
and the Grand Strand

About the Author Janice McDonald, a former Miss South Carolina USA who grew up in Myrtle Beach, is a contributing editor for Travelgirl magazine.

From the Back Cover Your Travel Destination. Your Home. Your Home-To-Be. Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand Sandy white beaches. Fine dining. Golfing galore. Historic plantations. Family fun. And more. -

A personal, practical perspective for travelers and residents alike - Comprehensive listings of attractions, restaurants, and accommodations - How to live & thrive in the area-from recreation to relocation - Countless details on shopping, arts & entertainment, and children's activities.

Myrtle Beach: A Guide to South Carolina's Grand Strand (Tourist Town Guides)

Another Myrtle Beach guide - Explore Myrtle Beach the way only a local can show you. This all-new independent guide provides comprehensive information for new or returning visitors.

Learn about the Grand Strand which includes the entire Myrtle Beach area. Find suggestions for families, golfers and anglers. Get seasonal event information and recommendations of restaurant specialties, plus helpful tips for planning before and during the trip.Plan your next trip to Myrtle Beach with Tourist Town Guides.

Tales from Brookgreen

About the author: Lynn Michelsohn, a tenth generation Carolinian, is clearly drawn to history, mystery, and romance wherever she finds it, as her previous book, Roswell, Your Travel Guide to the UFO Capital of the World! explores intrigues of a different kind. Now, in Tales from Brookgreen her charming retelling of these sometimes-eerie, sometimes-sad, sometimes-humorous tales engages readers in characters and folkways unique to the Carolina Lowcountry.

History, Mystery, and Romance in the Carolina Lowcountry!

A haunted necklace . . . a trickster rabbit . . . an ingenious slave . . . a shrieking droll . . . and a fiance returned from the dead . . . all come to life in Lynn Michelsohn's new collection of Carolina Lowcountry ghost stories and folklore from the four historic rice plantations making up Brookgreen Gardens--South Carolina's popular tourist attraction near Myrtle Beach.

These enchanting folktales, each tied to specific plantation locations and historical events, enrich the enjoyment of any visit to the Lowcountry for tourists, armchair travelers, or devotees of ghost stories and folklore.

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