New york City Attractions

Our journey to visit the New York City attractions

While planning for our trip, we had booked for our accommodation at Hotel Sheraton in Newark. On our way we passed through several great places of interest, stopped in some of those places for a while, and then reached New York City the next day morning.

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After having a good sleep, we felt refreshed and rejuvenated, and then decided to embark on our sightseeing tour in the evening. The friends who had been here before, had told us that though it is a bit expensive place, for what all you can see in the Big Apple, it is worth a visit and still an affordable family vacation spot. They had also told us it is a must visit place.

The hotel was near Newark Airport and from there we hired a taxi to go to Penn Railway Station, which was about 10 kms away. The taxi driver drove us through the busy streets filled with endless streams of bright yellow cabs, and bright big billboards on and in between the huge buildings. When he knew we were Indians he kept us engaged in talking about the fabulous city.

Metro card is used in the subways to travel from one station to another. We felt that the Metro card was convenient and economical for the public transit. Subway traveling was really fun and we enjoyed watching the people moving fast to get into the right train. We saw people swiping their metro card through the slot in the top of the turnstile, and we too followed them. Many of them were there like us who came for NYC sightseeing,I thought to myself. In a matter of few minutes, many trains passed our way, almost every 3 to 5 minutes. Every train displayed the route number in the front and on the side, which made us easy to get into our correct train.

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 New York City Bus Tour

What are the New York City Attractions?

On the advice of a relative, we had booked for the New York Pass which provided some discounts on sightseeing tours and restaurants, thus hoping to enjoy a cheap family vacation. We soon got ready for the excitement of visiting New York city, to see the much heard about attractions and eat different types of food in the fabulous restaurants as much as possible within our limited time and budget.

The New York Pass guided us where to go with this pass, the attractions and services available with the pass, Shopping, Restaurants and Services, Maps of Central Manhattan, New York City Subway, and a whole lot of useful telephone numbers. This pass helped us to get free entry to many places, that we wanted to visit during our travel to enjoy the New York City Attractions.

It is very difficult to choose from the many attractions, fantastic landmarks and museums from the list of our NYC attractions, for our family vacation New York. Finally, we ended up spending our time in the following places during our three-day tour in "the city that never sleeps"-

New York City Attractions

New York City Bus Tour

Where to shop for New York tours?

Shop, Hop & Top includes 96 hrs of double decker sightseeing, attractions, and shopping! The tours include the Downtown Tour, Uptown & Harlem Tour, Night Tour and Brooklyn Tour. Attractions include free admission to the Museum of the City of New York, a cruise around the city's harbor on Circle Line, entrance to an observation deck at the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock*, and roundtrip bus ride to Woodbury Common's Premium Outlets. 2010 Price - $109 at time of writing (bus from Port Authority is usually $42 R/T)

NYC Broadway Shows

On the whole, it was a perfect family vacation destination. 

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