Somerset Vacation

Somerset Vacation - During my stay in UK, I was dreaming of a Somerset Vacation, and believe it or not, my dream came true. During a long week end, my family decided to go to Somerset, although my children had already been there once.  We drove all the way from London to Somerset . Our destination was Doniford Bay. Once he decided about this travel, my son-in-law  booked a holiday haven for us to spend our holidays in Doniford Bay.

Doniford Bay for Somerset Vacation

Doniford Bay is situated near to Watchet, a small delightful resort in Somerset. 

We reached there by 7 p.m. The weather was very cold. Still it was beautiful to watch the sea from the sloppy hilly area. The place was not like London, every two hours the electric heater used to drip off. The floor was not carpeted   which made even colder. Even though it was late, we wanted to make use of our time to the best, and therefore we went to the Club to see some entertainments for children.

Holiday Haven Club - I had never expected the Club to be so full in the freezing cold.  Once you enter the Club you don't feel cold, it was really warm. Many types of indoor games were there for the children and adults to enjoy, and they were all automated. My grandson enjoyed inserting the coin and getting more coins, and sometimes he even lost all his coins also. 

Early morning the next day, we were thrilled to see the sea from our holiday home, which was perched at a higher level. There were many caravans  in the holiday park. We took a stroll towards the sea side enjoying the serene beauty of the place, and taking part in the activities in the park. . 

Then we decided to visit Watchet, the nearby town. 

Photos of Doniford Bay Holiday Park, Watchet
This photo of Doniford Bay Holiday Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor

There were plenty of gift shops and few restaurants too..As we were very tired we had our dinner there with fish and chips, and returned to our holiday home for a sound sleep. The stay at our holiday home was very fascinating, and we really enjoyed the stay and the surroundings in the winter month. 

Note: Since I lost all my photos of this trip, I am displaying Tripadvisor photos as an affiliate. 

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