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Times Square NewYork : Times Square which was named so in 1907, is a historic place and located in the 42nd Street in Manhattan, a borough of New York City.

Times Square is the site of the annual New Year's Eve ball drop. On December 31, 1907, a ball signifying New Year's Day was first dropped at Times Square, and the Square has held the main New Year's celebration in New York City ever since


It is a vibrant and colorful place. We were thrilled, excited and delighted as we strolled in Time Square looking at the architecture of the magnificent buildings, shopping paradises, and the Public Library. The colorful display of animated neon billboards and flashing movie theater advertisements fill your heart with joy.

The heritage structure of New York Film Academy stands between the skyscrappers, and a serene Mahatma Gandhi statue stands in a quiet corner of the Union Square watching the never sleeping city.

You can't miss the farmer's market selling the fresh strawberries and the beautiful arts displayed there.

There are also dozens of street vendors, crowded along the Avenues, and down 42nd Street, selling interesting things which will arrest your attention at least for a while. Many people have a stop in between and buy a souvenir or two from Times Square, as a remembrance of their visit to Times Square New York.

Walking through Times Square itself is a great fun. There are many stores where children can have a wonderful time looking at the fancy items displayed, and even more fun by purchasing them. The stores were crowded with young parents and bubbling kids in bright and colorful dresses hanging around.

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