Tips to Identify Luggage

Some useful tips to identify luggage at the Airport  baggage claiming area. Have you faced any time problem in identifying your luggage among the crowd? If so, it is for you.

Tips to Identify Luggage easily

How can you identify which one is yours? If you are a seasoned traveler you would have already found out the tips to identify your baggage faster. But if you are an occasional traveler here are some tips you can help identify your luggage faster and easier.

1. Attach luggage tags - Use unique tags on your luggage. If it is a common tag, it is not easy to identify. Many others may also have similar tags. A unique tag with a different color or something standing out from the bulk, you will be able to identify your own luggage faster. It will save a lot of your time in identifying your luggage.

2. Type or write your address on a contrasting color on the baggage and stick it on the bag which would not come out easily during transit. Remember to add your contact number also there, so that even if it is lost you can easily be contacted. 

3. Tie a bright color ribbon on the handle. Many other people may also use this method, but if your color ribbon is a unique color or design, such as striped one or flowered one, it will be easier for you to identify. 

4. Using stickers on the luggage - Some people find it extremely useful in sticking some stickers on the luggage which will differentiate your luggage from others.  

Sometimes it can happen that we might be very confident about identifying our luggage and standing at the conveyor belt in a hurry to pick up our luggage and reach our destination we may not remember what is the particular method we have used. If you are one of this type, it is better to make a note on your palm such as 'red ribbon' or 'white tag' or something like this. Seeing this, you are definite to remember  and identify your luggage easily.

Whatever methods you use check it properly and confirm the luggage is your own and not belonging to some one else before leaving the spot. In a hurry to reach the destination some people may not check it properly and may get into problem later.

During my first time travel I used a golden color ribbon on the handle, (two tags) and my address on different color which helped me identify my bag easily and since then I always use this method.

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