Visit Dar es Salaam

Visit Dar es Salaam : - Dar es Salaam, the commercial capital of Tanzania, is a very vibrant and lively city. It is also the largest city of Tanzania. Dar es Salaam means "Haven of Peace" in Arabic. This city is also the cultural and educational center of the country, and has vast and turbulent history. Its picturesque harbor lies along some of the world's most important sea routes.

Situated on a massive natural harbour on the Eastern Indian Ocean coast of Africa, Dar was a coasting fishing village in 19th century, and was called Mzizima. Since it is located very close to the Equator the weather is hot.

Some of the interesting places you can visit in Dar es Salaam -

National Museum : It is housed in the former King George V Memorial Museum building in the heart of city. The main attractions are the archaeological findings of the nation. The poignant sculpture which is a tribute to the twelve Tanzanians who died during the attack to the US Embassy in the garden, can also be found here.

The Makumbusho Village Museum: A visit to this museum will be helpful to get an insight to the life and lifestyle of the tribes in Dar es Salaam. It is worth a visit.

Kariakoo Market : A crowded market place, (Move around with caution since it is known for pick-pocketing.)

Gorgeous Beaches: Coco Beach on Oyster Bay, the unspoiled Kigamboni beach, Millineum beach (7 minutes ferry ride)

Bagamoyo : A visit to Bagamoyo, a tropical paradise and the historical town, is worth a good week end trip.

Bongoyo Island : A great place for a day's trip for relaxation.

The Slipway:

It is a notable Dar es Salaam shopping and leisure center and a popular spot on the posh Msasani Peninsula near the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club.

Bongayo Island : From Slipway it is just 30 minutes boat ride on the speed boat.

Shopping: A wide selection of ethnic art craft items, Basketry, paintings, sisal crafts, bathiks, tie & dye products, traditional Tinga Tinga paintings, Khanga (the traditional garment of Tanzanian women) and colorful bead jewellery. Besides, Tanzanite gemstone, which is unique to Tanzania, is also available in several shops.

Mlimani City Shopping Mall

is a fully enclosed mall with air-conditioning and includes a cinema multiplex, a Shoprite supermarket, and dozens of boutiques and eateries.

A visit Dar es Salaam is not complete without its mouth watering dishes.

Food: Since the city is inhabited by multi-cultural people the restaurants offer world class cuisine. Traditional Tanzanian-barbecue cooking - popular ones “Mishkaki” or Shish Kabob and the “Nyama Choma” or roasted meat.


The main language of the place is Swahili. English is also spoken.

Some of these local words will be highly helpful during your visit Dar es Salaam and stay there -

Dala Dala - means Bus, Karibu - means Welcome,Asante - Thanks,Leo - means Today,Kesho - means Tomorrow,Moja - means One, Mbili (two), Tatu (three), Nne (four), Tano (five),, Sita (six), Saba (seven), Nane (eight), Tisa (nine), Kumi (ten), Mia moja (one hundred), Elfu moja (one thousand).Jumapili (Sunday), Jumatatu (Monday), Jumanne (Tueswday), Jumatano (Wednesday), Alhamisi (Thurwday), Ijuma (Frfiday) and Jumamosi (Saturday).

Reaching There

Dar es Salaam has an international Airport with many flights from various destinations around the globe.

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