A Visit to Colchester Zoo

A visit to Colchester Zoo was one of the memorable trips we had as a family. Even in the cold weather we had a wonderful time there. My little grandson was running around to see the animals and birds there.

Located at  Essex, Colchester Zoo is a zoological garden, originally opened in 1963. We visited some of the major animal exhibits like Edge of Africa, Wilds of Asia, Lost Madagascar, Orangutan Forest etc.

A journey in the Lost Madagascar Express, a small train to pass through the many enclosures, was an enjoyable trip, for the whole family.

In the African zone, you can see huge animals like Elephants, Rhinos, Zebras, in their big and expansive enclosures. The penguin presentation was another great thing not to be missed. 


We were able to see the animal feeds since we were there during that time, like feeding the elephants ,feeding the giraffe and feeding the tigers. Watching the seals in the underwater tunnel was also quite enjoyable. When we were standing watching the giraffe feeding, our little boy was attracted by a lady who was painting the children's faces there. He too immediately wanted to get his face painted.

The best thing we found was the animals in the zoo were very impressive and well cared for.

Though some parts were quite steep, for elderly people who need to travel with the help of wheel chairs, and taking the kids in the pram, was also quite convenient.

Food court was also there where we found the prices were reasonable. A gift shop was also there.

As there were a lots to see and we spent a whole day there, which was really worth for both educational and interesting, and we didn't regret even a moment for our visit to Colchester Zoo.  Even in the cold weather we were able to enjoy our visit. If it was a visit to the Zoo in summer, it would have been still great fun.  

Colchester zoo is one of the best zoos in UK.

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